Inspired by the search When I go for a short nap and dream that I have been in a faraway place, in a different time, and I perform acts which are not necessarily of my deep subconscious, but of futuristic or a date prior to my birth, or some acts that never occurred to me in my state of awakening, who is the one who traveled the distances and the time and performed deeds, while my body is still in bed?! Have you noticed that when something suddenly wakes you up, you feel as if you were coming from a faraway place further than where your body lays? Can one take these ideas to understand and accept the death is as a momentary separation of the spirit from the body, and that dreams make the concept of death and rebirth from the dead is something that can be understood? … Page 26 To the materialists who say: “The cause, does not have to be rational and able. They point to the fire which burns, the water that drowns, the knife that kills, and the medication that cures are the doers and the causes that is not rational. They say: “The cause of the universe does not have to be able or rational or with a Will”. They insist that it is possible that matter could be the “cause” of this universe. To those we say: “You have said the knife is the doer, because you have seen the knife in the heart of the victim … The observation shows the happening at the meeting and not by it … You have tied this with that and said: ‘The cause of death is materialist … Then deceived your selves and generalized this on the entire universe and said: ‘The cause of the universe is materialist by necessity”. Why the knife that penetrated hearts of two persons in the same way and the same place, the first victim survived and the second died?” … Thus the killing is not the action of the knife, but action of the able doer who brought the knife and the heart in a very close proximity. The truth is … Page 126- 128


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1000 نقطة
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