“We will show them Our Signs on the horizon and within themselves until it is clear to them that it is the truth.” Theology is the foundation of Islam, and it is based on faith in the existence of Allah the Exalted and His Oneness, and thus there is no desire to implement the rulings of the Sharah (Revealed Law) until after there is faith in Allah the Exalted and it has become firmly established in one’s heart and affirmed by one’s actions. Allah has chosen man to be his vicegerent on earth and He has subjugated the universe for him. He has armed him with intellect and the means of acquiring knowledge so that he can be able to administer it and make it prosper. He has entrusted him with these means and thus he bears this trust and takes responsibility for it to the exclusion of all other creatures. The Exalted One’s wisdom necessitated that these means be a double-edged sword: man can use them properly and thus prosper or he can use them improperly and thus live in failure and depravity. It also necessitated that death and life be a testthat man has to deal with, after which there is his reward according to what he did, either Paradise or the Fire. It is known that man’s actions branch out from his imagination, and thus man’s actions only follow the image of life and the universe that he has formed in his mind. In this book, the author starts by clarifying his method of research in order to form this imagination, so that knowledge does not become mixed with illusion, certainty does not become confused with conjecture and truth is not veiled by falsehood. Then he continues by discussing theology, starting with divinity, then prophethood, then the universe and then matters of the unseen, avoiding going into disputed matters and matters whose time has passed while refuting the opinions and theories that oppose the theology, in his unshakeable, scientific style.


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For Reading and achieving knowledge.

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I need 2 copies posted to England, is that possible?

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